Dec 10

Teaching Children About Proper Waste Disposal

The saying “you cannot teach old dogs new tricks” might sound like a cliche, but the relevance will never end. It is much easier to get children to adapt to a new habit than to change adults. The reason why most countries struggle with the basics of proper waste management, such as recycling, is that they were not taught about it from a young age. It is time for you to break that cycle and make children appreciate and participate in proper waste disposal habits. Some of the ways that you can teach children about proper waste disposal are listed below.

Lead and They Will Follow

Children are always watching what people are doing, and they imitate them. There have been several instances when children imitated others, and this solidifies the fact that youngsters mirror of what people around them are doing. If you pick up proper waste disposal methods, it will be easier for the children to follow. Once they have the habit inbuilt in them, they will grow up to be responsible adults.

Introduce Rewards

Note that the word here is not bribes. It is positive reinforcement. Do not reward them before they engage in any act of proper waste disposal. They should only get the reward after they have done it. For instance, if they come home from school with a plastic bottle to recycle, or if they tell you that they threw something in a recycle bin, give them a form of positive reinforcement. You can also offer them a promise, such as taking them to their favourite park if they help with the disposal.

Make it Fun

Do not make them feel as though waste disposal is a punishment. Introduce fun and have some moments of learning. Watch movies that have waste disposal as part of the program and use it as a moment to educate. You can also check online for brain games and other teaching materials. The essence is for them to learn and appreciate the importance of adequate waste disposal.