Jan 16

Ease disposal by having less waste – and a cleaner kitchen

Talk of conserving the environment has been gaining prominence over the past few years and it is safe to say that the topic is now part of the global conversation. It has moved from the big climate change conventions to chatter like how to manage kitchen waste.

‘How’ to dispose of different types of waste has been a major milestone in the waste management front. Most people have embraced the practice of separating organic waste from other forms of waste. Re-use and recycle are now popular terms in most households that have significantly reduced the amount of garbage people send out each collection day.

But did you know you can use cheap kitchen cabinets to further reduce the amount of waste you send out? By replacing the dustbin with simple and cheap new-model cabinets, you can not only reduce the amount of waste you send out, but also how often you need to empty the trash can.

How so, you ask?

Simple – you just initiate the decomposition of waste so it reduces both in size and weight. You will notice, thus, that this model is best suited for biodegradable waste. It allows the waste to rot to some degree before it is sent out.

Well, ‘rot’ sounds like a terrible word; no one wants that to be happening in their kitchen, right?

Keep your kitchen odourless

Everyone knows just how fast waste can make a kitchen smelly. We all are guilty of forgetting to take out the trash at least once until a pungent smell in the kitchen literally pushed us to do it. Simple science shows, however, that decay takes place faster in open air.

By storing trash in a kitchen cabinet designed for garbage, you will not only improve the look of your kitchen but also slow down the decaying process. If you take out your trash every two days, for example, moving it to a cabinet could bring that down to just once a week.

The thought of setting up a cabinet for garbage might seem unattractive when you imagine ow costly a simple kitchen upgrade can be. There is actually a running joke that a kitchen is usually a small house in the home where money is burnt; once the light in there goes on you become a little poorer.

With easy-to-assemble cabinets, however, there is no huge cost involved. This can be done as a DIY project if you have the faintest knowledge of putting things together.

At the end of it all, the money that goes into putting it together will be well worth every last dime. Big bet that you might want to have these cabinets for your entire kitchen- yes, they’re not just for garbage.