Mar 11

Disposal of Compostable Waste

Correct waste disposal is important, and while recycling is big news and everyone knows to separate plastics and cardboard, not much is said about those organic materials that we need to get rid of.

Raw Vegetable Waste

The best way to dispose of raw vegetable waste such as potato peelings is to use a compost bin. You can build your own to suit your specifications or buy a ready made one; either will work just as well. The compost can then be used to fertilize the garden, helping you to grow more fresh vegetables. Beware though, never put cooked foods into the compost as this can attract rodents.

Garden Waste

Garden waste such as grass cuttings can also be composted, but if you needed to dispose of larger tree branches or tree stumps, then they will not compost down as easily. You could hire a woodchipper, then use those chippings as a mulch for your borders or for in your potted plants.

House Plant Waste

If you are not at all green-fingered but you love the idea of having plants around the home, then you can get help from the planta app, which is guaranteed to help keep your plants alive. If you follow their care schedules, then it would be very difficult to go wrong. If the worst should happen and a plant does not survive, then disposing of it is really easy, your compost bin will love it. You may also be able to reuse the soil for a second try at getting your beloved plant to grow.

The Planta app has a large plant database, so as long as your chosen house plant is not too obscure or exotic, then it should be included. Even if you are not sure of the type of plant you have, perhaps it was a gift from family, then simply scan it. It is easy to download too.