Feb 11

Dangers of Poor Waste Disposal

Did you know that not properly disposing of your waste could end up wiping an entire generation? This might sound like a gross exaggeration until you analyse the effects of poor waste disposal. Something as basic as not putting an empty plastic bottle into the recycle bin could impact so many people. Some of the dangers of improper waste disposal are:

Causes Water Pollution

As water is passing through different surfaces, it interacts with improperly disposed of waste. It carries them to different water sources and the result is water pollution. When humans and animals later drink this water, they get exposed to several water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and hepatitis. Most of the waterborne diseases are known to be fatal.

Contaminates Soil

When bad chemicals spill to the ground, they are absorbed. This then leads to contaminated soil. Remember that it is the same soil that is used to grow crops. There have been many attempts to sue companies without proper disposal channels but that is not enough to solve the menace. The many plastic items being thrown up and about have been found to be carcinogenic. This means that people are more vulnerable to cancers with improper disposal currently happening.

Filthy Environment

Imagine living where you are surrounded by dirt and smelly products. That is what happens when you do not have a proper waste disposal method. You will stay at a place that robs you of your human dignity. you may also find yourself on the wrong side of the law. There are penalties that are imposed on people who have not embraced good waste disposal habits.

Always remember that it is better to start doing proper waste disposal early so that you do not have to contract experts to do it for you at a fee when it is already too late. Start now and you will not regret it.