Nov 05

Conserve Our Planet With Efficient Waste Disposal

With climate change, global warming, extinction of species, and a host of other environmental issues staring right in our face, the future of our green and blue planet may very well depend on a regular, everyday activity – waste disposal.

Why Is It Important?
The growing population around the world has resulted in a growing percentage of generated waste. As we consume more and more, so do we discard more and more. There could come a time when the waste generated will be greater than our capacity or Nature’s capacity to deal with it.

There are reports of floating islands around the oceans created by plastic and other kinds of human trash. The solution lies in intelligent waste disposal.

Senior worker sorting papers on factory assembly line for recycling at recycling plant.

Waste Separation
Unless we all do our bit, the earth is going to face a crisis of garbage pollution. In the animated film, WALL-E, the planet has become a deserted dumping ground. To prevent this scenario from becoming a reality, we will all have to pull our weight.

The good news is that we can start right from our homes with these easy steps:

  1. Do not mindlessly discard your waste into one large bin. Separate it.
  2. All you need are two separate bins: one for dry waste and another for the wet, kitchen waste.
  3. If you really want to make a contribution, then have a third bin for recyclable items.
  4. These items include plastic bottles, pizza boxes, used paper, and the like.

These four steps of waste separation can go a long way towards helping garbage companies effectively deal with the waste that we generate.

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